We have been growing with the internet since the past 10 years and we have visited numerous websites day in and out to study and research on the mechanics of website design and development, keeping abreast with the lastest web development technologies and knowing what's good and what's not. With the accumulated knowledge, we have placed ourselves in a very good position to provide you our expertise and experience in this niche area.

Web Design and Development


If you are a strong believer of "Looks are secondary", then please forgive us, because here at Realize Creations, we are strong advocates of outward beauty. When we talk design, we mean serious business because nothing else will give your visitors a "love at first sight". To us, good appearance is the foremost factor for repeated sales. Whether your vistor is a targeted customer or an accidental guest, we make sure they will spend a little longer more than any other usual site they have just visited. Since we are doing web design and not website making, we do not settle for unimpressive and generic designs across all types of businesses and purpose, more than often we will work closely with our clients to study the corporate image and understand the target audience in order to find the right colours and feel for the website.


Proper web development is fundamental to the underlying architectural makeup of the website, which includes the sitemap, navigation, content delivery, database systems and useability. With this in mind, we have acquired the exact skills and tools to enhance these areas, weaving them closely into the web design by discussing with our clients on the features of the website and their business requirements, thereby creating a website that is not only informative but also enhances business operations.

Troubleshooting, Debugging, Compatibility

Although the Internet has been around for many years, there still exists many problematic issues relating to different computer systems and programs due to competition among major players in the Internet industry. The good news is, Realize Creations will take away your headache and cater your website to different systems by means of repeated beta testing.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Unlike most web designers who deal purely with design, we are also strong in web programming. Web programming brings a whole new life to your website by being able to respond to visitor request and display on-demand content. We are well versed in extensive database and web programming enabling both front and backend web applications. We work with our clients to analyse the business requirements and operations procedures to connect the web systems with their existing SOPs to create seamless customer support, invoicing, order placement, online payments, product catalogues and so on, unlimited possibilities with web programming.

Web Hosting and Domain registration

Integrated Support

Realize Creations used to be a full fledge design firm without web hosting capabilities, although we have done well in terms of design and development, we quickly realized that in order to provide our clients with better long term support, we must enable web hosting possibilities. Today, things have changed, while there are still many freelance designers or design firms out there without web hosting services, Realize Creations have expanded our business into web hosting. Now that we have our own web hosting subsidiary, we can better provide an all rounded integrated service in online web, email and database service.

Web, Email and Database

Besides having a website, clients typically require a web server to host the website, an email server to handle emails and a database server to manage organised content. With Realize Creations, you can rest assure that these will be taken cared of with our 24 hour monitoring, backup servers and periodic maintenance.

Domain Registration

On top of the hosting services we provide, Realize Creations also deals in domain name registrations and transfers. We have compelte control over domain names registered through us and therefore will be able to respond to your needs directly.


Web Maintenance

Updated content brings repeated visitors. Realize Creations is dedicated to provide maintenance services for your website in terms of content updates, technology upgrades, program debugging and system upgrades when you sign up for our web maintenance plans.

Systems Maintenance

Besides being the web people, we are also capable of handling on-site network infrastructure maintenance including software and hardware troubleshooting, repair, setup and relocation.